Low-frequency solar inverter with copper transformer


On inverter

  • High overload ability

  • Low battery voltage trip selectable,  extracting max power From various batteries with different protections Low Quiescent Current, selectable sensing cycle to reduce power consumption

On battery charger

  • 3-step intelligent battery charging

  • 8 preset battery type selector plus de-sulphation for totally flat batteries

  • Powerful charge rate up to 100 Amp selectable charging current

  • PFC(Povider Factor Correction) tor charger, less power consumption than conventional units

On Transfer

  • Delay before transfer, extra protections for loads under generator mode Input AC voltage range selectable, for different kinds of loads 8 ms typical transfer time, guarantees power continuity Output voltage regulation optional

On remote control & other features

  • Ability to switch the unit on/off 

  • Ability to select/deselect power saver mode

  • 17 alarms/warnings. informative for easier operation and troubleshooting LCD status display available RS232 communication port optional

PDF下载.pngInverter manual