Superior Power Solutions For Off-grid Telecom Installations

Are you making the most of free, renewable energy to reduce opex? 

Mobile operators have expanded telecom networks into rural areas with no or weak electricity supply. However, powered by continuously running diesel generators, remote off-grid sites typically have very high operating costs. LionRock® product platforms are designed for maximum performance and cost efficiency.

Offering a fully integrated solutions with the highest flexibility to customize the product according to regional or OEM needs.

The benefits of an lionrock hybrid power solution

With a hybrid solution from LionRock® , operators can now substitute, partially or in full, the diesel generators and make use of renewable energy. Our solutions are fully integrated and all energy sources and equipment are managed by a single controller. The benefits have been realized by numerous operators and LionRock® hybrid solutions contribute to saving energy, diesel and money in thousands of installations.


  • Up to 80% opex reduction

    The combination of optimized gensets and efficient exploitation of the power generated by solar panels will significantly reduce the diesel consumption and associated transportation cost. Even if you may not be able to completely replace diesel with renewable energy, a LionRock® solution will make sure you get the most out of every drop.

  • > 96% efficiency

    Whether input power comes from solar panels, diesel generators or mains, our HE power conversion equipment will make sure that power loss is minimized.

  • Fully integrated

    The fully integrated rectifier system can be applied to various pow supply application scenarios. Unified configuration user-friendly learning, reduce overall maintenance costs.

  • Reduced co emissions

    There are a lot of off-grid telecom installations powered by diesel generators today. These represent an enormous potential for reduction of environmental footprint. Many generators serving as the main energy source are operated in an inefficient way. By optimizing the control and using our hybrid solution the energy is not just replaced kWh by kWh, but the emissions per kWh drop significantly.

  • Modularity

    With their modular design, our systems can be easily adapted to various power input sources and scaled to meet higher load requirements.


Complete, integrated solutions – hybrid and pure renewable

  • Hybrid

    A hybrid solution incorporates numerous energy input sources, such as diesel generators, solar panels or mains. A LionRock® hybrid solution allows you to optimize the operation of the site, to achieve maximum efficiency at all times.

    LionRock® pure renewable and hybrid power solutions are based on industry leading building blocks, fully integrated into coherent, complete and flexible solutions – with one single Hybrid controller overlooking all energy sources, flow and storage. The entire installation is easily and efficiently monitored and controlled over the Internet by means of advanced, yet user-friendly monitoring software, with relevant system data fed from the Hybrid controller which at all times oversees critical parameters and general system performance.

  • Integrated power core

    This is a rack-mountable system with integrated DC load distribution, housing controller, solar chargers and/or rectifiers. The system is flexible and can easily be upgraded to meet changing demands. It’s the standard 19in equipment that can be integrated into genset, battery cabinet, telecom cabinet and so on.


Lionrock®  hybird system application

1. Scenarios


  • Average peak sun hours > 3 hours

  • To different power consumption

  • High fuel price

  • The high cost of the site visit

2. Benefits

  • Well balance CAPEX & OPEX

  • High reliability in rainy days

3. Features

  • High MPPT efficiency (96%)

  • Theft proof design

  • Backup diesel Genset integrated with the fuel tank

  • Optional ATS integrated

  • Footprint saving

  • 1000hrs maintenance interval genset

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