The success of a cogeneration or a trigeneration system depends on a lot of factors from electricity demand, thermal load requirement, balance of energy at different time and season, fuel option and availability, space requirement, integration with existing system, modification of existing system to allow suitable interface, electricity tariff, fuel cost etc.

It is a very long list of factors need to be considered. Therefore, the first step is a feasibility study to review all the factors to decide if cogeneration is the best option to address the customer's energy need.

LionRock® in-house team has strong experience and highly qualified electrical and mechanical engineers.

Their extensive experience in dealing with building services in the different type of facility from commercial office, hospital, data centre to residential blocks allow the design of suitable cogeneration system to meet the various energy needs of such facilities.

In terms of industrial application, LionRock® offers a full energy audit of customer production process to identify all areas of energy need and their interaction.

LionRock® offers the full turnkey solution from project planning, engineering design, procurement and construction to commissioning beforehand over a system to the customer. Aftersales and maintenance services are to be followed to ensure hassle-free services to customer.

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