LionRock® gas engine generators use natural gas, the cleanest fossil fuel available, to provide the most efficient way of using the available energy. Electricity is one of the best ways to transfer energy from the generating point to the user point. In addition to the high electrical efficiency, LionRock® gas engine generators also offer excellent heat recovery to meet the various thermal demand to achieve over 85% total efficiency throughout the whole range of products.

Other than normal 400V, 50Hz system, the high voltage at 11kV is also available in exactly the same footprint of the low voltage equivalent. 3Tech delivers not only natural gas but also biomass gas, coal seam methane etc.

Currently, LionRock® offers two ranges of gas engine generator products. One series cover rating up to 800kW using the latest German digital combustion control technology. With the latest microprocessor technology and data collection facility, the combustion process will be optimized through analysis of operating data and implementing the fuel and spark ignition timing control.

The 1000kW gas engine generator is a completely China developed technology. Output power is conservative for extended operating life and high reliability. Unlike other Chinese product, first-class control components are used and tuned by the world- class engine experts. Other than the high efficiency and reliable operation of the 1000kW class gas engine generator set, the owner will benefit from the most competitive parts and services support program offered by 3Tech.

400kW—800kW Generator Set


1000kW Generator Set


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