The LionRock® diesel generator sets are using Perkins engines coupling with Leroy-Somer alternators as standard. However, engines and alternators are available for special requirements. The LRP series diesel generator sets are powered by the Perkins diesel engine. It is equipped with an auto-starting device generally, and an ATS switch cabinet optionally, which can form auto-starting and auto-switchover generator sets. The sets feature high voltage regulation accuracy, good dynamic performance, small voltage wave distortion, high efficiency, reliable operation, long service life and good fuel economy. With a maintenance-free battery starting system, the generating sets can be started to generate electric power just by pouring oil and coolant, greatly improving the convenience of use.

Standard generating sets from the LionRock® Power Products range provide all your electricity requirements between 7.5 and 2500 kVA. They cover a wide field of applications and offer a vast range of options and retrofitting to fully meet the requirements of all configurations. LionRock® diesel generators are built to power any application including hospitals, gas stations, data centers, airports and more. And with our new line of LRM Series generators, we offer massive power options up to 3300kVA.

Discover all the specifications of each LionRock® industrial generating set in the Power Products catalog. 


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