For over 20 years 3Tech has been delivering electrical energy to people worldwide by providing reliable prime and standby power solutions.

Our own LionRock® range of world class AC and DC Generators form the core of any primary or backup power requirements all over in the world. From a small mobile telecom tower to major infrastructure such as airports, hospital and data centre – LionRock® generators are powering all the electrical equipment.

Our manufacturing facilities in Dongguan, China and Lagos in Nigeria offer wide range of products and solutions to cover nearly all areas in the world. 

In the area of renewable energy, our extensive portfolio of solar energy systems including the award winning Town Island solar project in Hong Kong clearly demonstrated our capability. From powering an entire island using completely renewable energy using solar panels  to BIPV integrated buildings, the 3Tech engineering team delivered numerous complete solutions from design, delivery, installation, commissioning and ongoing maintenance to customers in over 30 countries and 5 continents.

Wherever you are and whatever energy requirement you have, 3Tech with LionRock® is your first choice of conventional and renewable energy solutions.

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