Power-Gen International Exhibition of 2019,Exhibition,NEWS,3TECH
Power-Gen International Exhibition of 2019,Exhibition,NEWS,3TECH



Power-Gen International Exhibition of 2019


2019 Power-Gen International Exhibition was successfully held in New Orleans on November 19-21, 2019. POWERGEN International exhibition serves as a business and networking hub for generators, utilities and solution-providers engaged in multiple cross-sections of power generation. Over 900 companies participated in the exhibition.


As one of the exhibitors, 3Tech exhibited the LionRock generator and energy cabinet, as well as the hybrid energy power solution for telecom station. Our featured products not only attracted clients worldwide, but also attracts the attention of our business partners. We received a considerable number of professional customers, especially the professional agents of telecom industry in central and South America.

There were also various cocktail parties held by the organizers that allowed exhibitors to know each other. One was for the African market particularly, which shows the strong concern and high enthusiasm of the US to the African electricity market. As a professional telecom power solution provider, 3Tech will continually offer quality products and services for clients worldwide.