3Tech - Leroy Somer Lantau Island Meeting,Activities,NEWS,3TECH
3Tech - Leroy Somer Lantau Island Meeting,Activities,NEWS,3TECH



3Tech - Leroy Somer Lantau Island Meeting


On November 8th, a 3-day meeting trip of 3Tech and Leroy Somer was held at Lantau Island in Hong Kong.

Leroy Somer belongs to Nidec Corporation, is the leader in generator powered at 10kW-25MW in the globe, as well as our important partner in providing reliable power solutions.

The department representatives of 3Tech and Leroy Somer participated in the meeting. Mr Leo Liu from 3Tech introduced our current business, including the telecom energy power solutions and OwlEye remote monitoring system. Mr Zhu from introduced the main business of Leroy Somer at the moment, and then Mr Liu also introduced their new alternator products, including the optimized LSA and TAL A Series, and special series for special applications. 

The next day, everyone put on sport shirt and started the trip in Lantau Island.

The Altar of Heaven big Buddha is located in a treasure lotus temple side, is the world’s biggest bronze Buddha, and is sat the stone stairs of 268 classed up.


After lunch, we started the hiking to Tai O. The way to Tai O is 11 km long and full of difficulties. Members from 3Tech and Leroy Somer fully embodied the team spirit, just like going together in business. Finally we reached the destination.


Through this activity, we have deepened our relationship and enhanced our sense of cooperation. Standing beside the golden beach with cool breeze, the activity came to a successful end.