3Tech Autumn Tour 2019,Activities,NEWS,3TECH
3Tech Autumn Tour 2019,Activities,NEWS,3TECH



3Tech Autumn Tour 2019


Autumn comes with sunny sky and gentle breeze, 3Tech arranged a 2-day trip to Enping, Jiangmen for staff, appreciating their hard work.


Four-hour drive accompany with singing and beautiful scenery along the way, we came to Enping, China primary resort of hot spring and arrived at Jinjiang Hot Spring Resort.

The instructor led all staff to start-up team building activities after settled down. The first program was "Team Display", we splitted to eight groups, members then introduced their team name, lined up and shouted their slogan in turns. The leaders of each team inspired their team of enthusiasm and high morale.


The second program was "Lifting with Trust". Consider team sprite, towards work as a team, trust among the team is most important. In this training exercise, the teams had to lift their leaders above the team members heads and held on for ten minutes. Each team leader showed great trust to his/her members, holding team flags to root for their effort. As time went by, sweat poured down every member’s face but no one gave up. Seemingly they were striving for the honor of team work. When the game that ended the moment, everyone radiated with joy and sensed a mission of accomplishment.


The last but not the least program was“Crossing the Wall”, and you would be fouled if body touched the safe-guarded rope. Three volunteers took the initiative to start lifting a few group members across the artificial 'wall' about 1.5 meters tall, and then the team have to move all team member to the other side of the 'wall' within 25 minutes. During the body lifting, whoever touched the rope, leaders would have to re-lifting team members again.


Repeat touching the rope made everyone impatient. Then, the instructor took the opportunity to give members a theoretical lecture, "In a company, the decision maker determines whether the company can last, he/she has to communicate well with his/her colleagues, ensure the targets and goals, operation steps and process details are clearly delivered to each of the company staff so that everyone understands, avoiding mistakes (fouls), operate well and achieving the company goal. Likewise for completing the game successfully, the leaders also have to communicate well with all members to ensure each team member follow the rules and conditions when carry on the game until the end. After that, we resume the game and everyone became more cautious. After tactics discussion, we finally succeeded.



Evening approaching, the team building activity came to a successful end. We experienced the hot spring in the hotel after dinner, wiping away the fatigue of the journey.

The next day, we were split up into two groups, one went to visit the "Glass Bridge" and the other participate "Stream Drifting", explore the nature in landscape.


The trip came to an end in musical chord. Thanks to all 3Tech colleagues who participated in this Autumn Tour and let us meet again at our Company Tour next year.