Generator Sets for Hong Kong Data Centre,Projects,NEWS,3TECH
Generator Sets for Hong Kong Data Centre,Projects,NEWS,3TECH



Generator Sets for Hong Kong Data Centre


In March 2019, six units of LionRock model LRT2535 diesel generator sets were delivered to a major data centre in Kwai Chung Hong Kong. After installation, the LionRock generator sets will provide the backup power to this world class data centre, which is a significant step to enter the Hong Kong Data Centre market after 3Tech supplied so many generators for various data centres around the world.


3Tech's work includes:

  • Six generator sets each rated at 2250kVA Data Centre continuous rating (DCP) with 10% overload.

  • Each generator set is powered with Mitsubishi S16R2-PTAW direct injection diesel engine and Marathon Frame 7 alternator with digital voltage regulator

  • Six exhaust systems to be discharged at level 13 and 14 of the building

  • Special design single stage exhaust silencer with over 40dBA reduction were ordered from DURR Universal, international leader in exhaust system, due to space limitation

  • Engine exhaust system is equipped with catalytic converter from Canada to reduce the emission in order to meet local EPD requirement

  • Plant room full acoustic treatment including wall and ceiling lining as well as intake and discharge noise attenuators to meet the local statutory requirement.

  • Upgrade of the existing fuel system to support the six new generators.

  • Each generator set also completed with dual battery and charger system, day tank with dual supply/return control as well as 3200A outgoing switchboard and interconnecting cables.

  • Lifting the generator sets to level 13 and 14 is a real challenge.  A nearby road was completely closed to allow a 500 tons mobile crane to be set up.  Even so, the 16.5 tons generator set still need to trim down the weight to 14 tons by removal of the radiator and the coolant to meet the lifting capacity limit.

  • The logistic arrangement took more than three months to coordinate and getting approvals from various government departments including Transport Department, HK Police Force.  Detail plans, certificates and traffic control proposal need to be submitted.


Despite all the challenges, the system was fully tested to various operation scenario to meet the most demanding requirement of a world class data centre and fully handover to client in January 2020.