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3Tech's Telecom Energy Solution


In remote area where mains power is either not available or extremely unreliable, alternative energy source rely on conventional fossil fuel is generally adopted to power telecom sites. However, this solution is costly to run especially in dealing with extreme loading variations. Conventional diesel generators consume a lot more fuel per kWh of electricity generated and accumulate more hours that lead to additional maintenance cost.


3Tech’s LionRock hybrid power solution is designed to address the problem.  The system consists of a generator and battery integrated with rectifier system to supply DC power directly to all telecom equipment. By keeping the generator to run at optimal speed and load to achieve the best specific fuel consumption is the key technology of LionRock Hybrid system.  Battery will be charged by generator and used for light load conditions. 


This substantially reduce the daily running hours and hence maintenance cost.  With LionRock’s 1,000 hours maintenance free system and large fuel tank, no site services is required for six months or even longer.  The operating expenses saving is easily in 50-70% compared with a conventional generator only system. With LionRock true variable speed DC generator, the high efficiency of the PMG generator provided even more saving.


3Tech’s LionRock Telecom Energy solution can be expanded further to include embedded DC power supply, photovoltaic system, AC and DC power distribution system, control management and remote monitoring system. With LionRock Hybrid Energy Solution, conventional diesel generators can be replaced or supplemented by various renewable energy like Solar system. Acarbon neutral site can be achieved with diesel generator to work as back up and minimize the operating cost.

3Tech's OwlEye Smart Control and Monitoring System enables users to manage and monitor status, control equipment as well as analyze data for necessary service and expansion planning.

In dusty areas, solar panel cleaning robot can be employed to ensure all solar panels works at best output all the time.

Where renewable energy is not possible for environmental reason, LionRock Hybrid power solution will be the best option.