10th Global Workshop of Energy and Climate Change,Conference,NEWS,3TECH
10th Global Workshop of Energy and Climate Change,Conference,NEWS,3TECH



10th Global Workshop of Energy and Climate Change


This is an annual three days event organised by Telefonica for all the energy managers of their subsidiary worldwide. The purpose of the workshop is to share experience of energy efficiency improvement and how to minimise the climate change through their operation.


Seville of Spain is selected as the venue for this year’s workshop. 3Tech joined the workshop for the second year. Being a selected power solution supplier to Telefonica, 3Tech took the chance to understand better the energy need and technology trend in reducing the energy consumption of telecommunication industry.


Sol (3Tech sales) with Telefonica Uruguay members 

Telefonica is aiming for its energy to be self-sustainable only with renewable energy including solar and wind. The ultimate target is completely independent from fossil fuel in the operation.


Roman (3Tech technical manager) with Telefonica Venezuela members

This year, 5G is again the hot topic and is moving forward to the implementation stage. Although 5G is more energy efficient in delivering voice and data service, the overall energy demand actually increases due to the higher and faster service demand. As smart mobile devices are getting popular, the demand for the data services increased exponentially and hence the energy demand.

3Tech’s hybrid power system with integration of solar panels is a solution to address this need at the moment. Sol Skendele, 3Tech regional business development manager and Roman Maldonado, our technical manager of Latin America took the chance to share our technology and experience with Telefonica team.


Participating countries including Spain, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, Venezuela.