2018 Huawei Northern Africa Engineering Partner Convention,Conference,NEWS,3TECH
2018 Huawei Northern Africa Engineering Partner Convention,Conference,NEWS,3TECH



2018 Huawei Northern Africa Engineering Partner Convention


2018 Huawei Northern Africa Engineering Partner Convention was held in the French Regional Center, Casablanca, Morocco on July 18, 2018 and in the English-Speaking Center, Cairo, Egypt on July 24, 2018.  3Tech was honored to be invited to participate this convention.

Revolving around the theme of "Tool Extension, Model Innovation, Healthy Ecology, Quality Benchmarking, and Industry Win-Win", keynote speeches on "High Quality and Efficient Project Delivery Strategy", "Procurement Cooperation Strategy" and "Quality Management" and so on had been delivered in the convention. In retrospect of the cooperation in 2017, HUAWEI stress that they will sustain this success policy of significance cooperation with suppliers in 2018. And it was the well cooperation with her partners that helped Huawei explore the huge market potential in Africa to realize the business growth.

The CEO of 3Tech, Mr. Leo Liu and the Sales Office Manager, Ms. Grace Liu, had attended the convention. During the convention, at panel discussion with Huawei Executives, participants concluded to launch the newly introduced "Optimized Cooperation Tools Platform" shall benefits both parties mutually, and it also shall complete the business sector; building a healthy ecology phenomenon.

Since 2003, 3Tech has designed and provided a number of telecom industry energy solutions for Huawei. 3Tech received the awards of "Outstanding Strategic Partner" and "Gold Medal Award" for numerous times.

We shall continue in-depth cooperation with Huawei, enhance the innovation of development, build quality benchmark and achieve win-win for both parties.

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(3Tech awarded the "Outstanding Strategic Partner" of Huawei in 2009)