Energy Cabinet Application in Multiple Industries,Products,NEWS,3TECH
Energy Cabinet Application in Multiple Industries,Products,NEWS,3TECH



Energy Cabinet Application in Multiple Industries


The LionRock™ Energy Cabinet with flexible configurations, creates a platform to support multiple applications meeting customers’ needs, with following highlights:


Ÿ 48VDC telecom quality power module of indoor and outdoor cabinets

Ÿ Capacity range from 200A to 2000A

Ÿ Accept variable income sources such as grid power, renewable solar, backup generators

Ÿ High efficiency Rectifiers up to 96%

Ÿ DC power distribution to various telecom equipment

Ÿ Climate control inside outdoor cabinet

Ÿ Security system and access management options

Ÿ 19” rack space for customized equipment and energy storage

Ÿ Remote monitoring features

Our Energy Cabinet, which designed to apply to the telecom industry, could also cover the application in the DC systems such as private network and internal network communication, signal acquisition and management systems for large infrastructure, such as mining, transportation, electric power, petrochemical and other related industries with the voltage range 12V-48V.

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Signal acquisition and control is important to keep transportation operation safe, applications such as toll road, CCTV, traffic light, ETC system and highway monitoring system. The system protection of main and backup power supply equipment which covers the security system herself, air conditioning and battery, etc.


Private network and internal network communication system is indispensable in the operation of energy and petrochemical industry. DC power supply ensures the safety, stability and reliability of the communication system during the operation of private network and internal network communication system.

1605009138135808.jpgElectric power

Power system communication is critical and essential for safety measurement of operating the power system, which is also an important technical means to ensure the economic dispatching of power grid.


DC Power Supply provides a platform of infrastructure framework to support overall power supply for underground network communication, monitoring and security equipment in Mining Industry. The robot application of 5G by Edge Computing enable full automation in Mining Fields, DC Power Supply also plays a key role for supplying the power.